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IInner view through holy Kabba Door

It is kabba wall being touched by pilgrims

A holy letter with seal of Prophet Muhammad
sallalla ho allihi wasalam

A door Of Haram in Makkah leads pilgrims to inside.
It is not among  5 main big gates. it is one of the
small gates which have been closed in late night and
reopened before salat-ul-Fagir. 5 Main big gates
remained opened round the clock.

This symbol is built besides jeddah-Makkah high
way. beyond this point non muslims are not allowed
to go ahead towards holy Makkah

It is jeddah-Makkah express way. Sing board
clearly indicates,only muslims are allowed beyond
this point.

It is Massa-The place of saie-. Pilgrims going down
from Marwa mount to mount of safa.

It is the mount of UHAD in Madina where the
famous battle of UHAD had been fought.

Beautiful view of out side Haram in makkah. In rush
days mandatory salat is also offered here. In the
month of Ramadan thousands of pilgrims open
their fast (Swam) here.....