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Out side Haram-E-Makki  near  Babe Fatha tapes
of zam zam have been installed for pilgrims  filling
their pots and jerikins to carry zam zam to their home.
Filling zam zam inside Haram is not allowed.
Now a days filled jerikins are also available for sale
out side Haram besides road.

It is grave yard of Makkah_JANNAT_UL_MAALA.
A common muslim of today is burried in this portion
of holy cemetry.The stones indicating graves.

Picture of the house in Makkah where the beloved
Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Allihi wasalam was
born. What a worth watching place is it .
Now it is converted in a  islamic liabrary  named

This is the place in Madina where the holy sweat
and blood of beloved prophet dropped and mixed
in the mud.people use this mud with the belief that
it is the soil of cure.(KHAKH_E_SHIFA)

Sign board aside road indicates the territory of
Mina ends.

Minber-e-Rasool in masjid-e-nabvi .Even today
AZAN and AQAMAT  are called from here.It is
in Riaz-ul-jannah in Masjid-eNabvi.

One of the newest and main gate of Masjid-e-Nabvi
which leads faithful to inside.

A picture of Saudi Arabian currency---A note of
20 Saudi Riyal.

The rock in the mosque of Aqsa in Jerusalam--
Bait-ul-maqdas where from the holy Prophet
Muhammad sallallaho allihiwasalam ascended to
skies and heaven in meraj night.