Howto Do Umra                  

A. Steps before crossing the deadline of MEEQAT. (Now Pilgrims generally travel by air, following steps must be taken before taking off aircraft.)

1. Take bath as per Islamic Shairia. During bath water is taken to the dead end of the throat (or fingure to the end of the throat) and to the softer part of the nose. it is essential. Not for umra and haj but also in daily life this act is very essential to become clean (In arabic for TAHARAT). Shave off unwanted hairs below navel  and under armpit.

2. Put on AHRAM. It is consist of two white (unsewed) clothing sheets for man. One is wrapped tightly the lower part of the body. Belt may be used to tighten and other clothing sheet is put on the upper body. (How to wrap Ahram ? click here)

3. Offer two rakat Nafil Salat of performing Umra. It is better to recite Sura-e-"Kafaroon" andSura-e-"Ahad" respectively after Sura-e-"Fatiha" in two Rakats. Any other surah may also be recited.

4. A man must cover his head with the upper clothing sheet at the time of two rakat Umra prayer. After completion of Salat pilgrim must beg Dua,

"O - Allah I intend to perform UMRA. Please make it
easy for me. (Ameen.)"
5. After intention and Dua, it is compulsory to uncover head. Now, it is necessary for every pilgrim not to cover his head until UMRA completes. All the prayers which would come in the process of umra  (salats) will be offered bare headed. After completion of umra it is better to cover head for offering salat .

6. After Salat, Dua, Intention and Uncovering head, man must recite repeatedly these word (showing Red below) until reaches in front of Black Stone (Hajra-e-Asvad) in Masjid-ul-Haram. That is, "Kabatullah Sharif".


Ihram estate-man-

7. Above stated words are the part of AHRAM. It must be recited during Journey. But during travelling, necessary work and talk is allowed stopping this slogans. Unnecessary chatting is prohibitted. you can take rest or sleep in ahram .toilet and batheing actavities are allowed if necessary.

8. During AHRAM procedure, following acts are forbidden.
        a)  Covering head for a male pilgrim. woman will cover her head.    b)    wearing of shoes / socks etc.
        c)   The upper bone of the feet of a man must be opened. Its means pilgrims must be bare-footed or use uncovered
        d)   Killing animals and plucking flowers / plants / leaves are not allowed.
        e)   breaking of hairs of head & beard intentionally or unintentionally is not allowed. It means comb and oil in the hair is
        f)   Use of any perfume or any fragrance is not allowed. It means face cream, toothpaste, soap is forbidden in AHRAM
        g)   Relation of husband & wife is not allowed until Umra completes


B. Steps Reaching Macca (Makkah).

1. After hiring reasonable accommodation. (see hotel menu of this web site). Wrap upper AHRAM uncovering right shoulder. It is necessary for tawaf.

2. Enter in Masjid-ul-Haram through any gate out of 95 gates of Haram. As soon as your eyes make first contact to kabbat-ullah ,you must beg your most important du. it is said this du is never turned  down by al mighty Allah.

3. Come just in front of Black Stone (Hajra-e-Asvad). a man has to IZTEBA before kissing black stone for starting tawaf
WHAT IS IZTEBA ?-->> IZTEBA: man has to wrap his upper sheet of ahram in this way that the right shoulder must  remain open. it means take sheet of clothing under right armpit.

4. Kiss Black Stone, if not possible due to heavy rush, kiss your palms and fingers of both the hands and weave towards
       Black Stone like flying kiss.
5. Start first circle of Tawaf by saying "Bismillah-e- Alham-Do-Lillah-e-Wala-Ho-Akbar."

6. Beg Duas what you have in your heart  and mind in any language.

7. Hajra-e-Asvad is the first corner of Kabba and Rukan-e-Yamani is the last and fourth corner. From fourth to first corner a specific Dua is recited in all the Seven moves of Tawaf. Only this dua is compulsory to recite in arabic. From black stone to rukne yamani  pilgrims beg duas in their own languages but from rukne yamani to hajre asvad (black stone) the language of all pilgrims become Arabic. The word of Dua are:

"Rabbana Ata-e-na Fed-Duniya Hasana, Wa Fil
Akhirata- Hasana Waqena Azabun-Nar.Wal-ad-Khilnal
Janata-Ma-Alabrar. Ya Aziz-o-Ya Ghaffar,
Ya Rabbal-Alameen."

it is important to note that A man must do RAMAL in  first three moves of tawaf. RAMAL  is actually a special  way of walking in which a man has to  walk briskly over his toes, lifting his heels, pulling his chest a little out and lift his shoulders up. A Woman must walk in ordinary way.
WHAT IS RAMAL ?->> Ramal:   For the first three circuits of Tawaf of Umrah and Tawaf of Arrival, men are required to move their shoulders and walk with quick short steps. This act is called Ramal and is Sunnah. They walk normally during the remaining four circuits.

8. Reaching in front of Hajara-e-Asvad, Pilgrims must stop for a while, face towards black stone, kiss or weave it as it was
        done in the beginning  and then  start second round. Likewise all the seven rounds are completed.

9. Offer two rakat Nafil at Muqam-e-Ibraheam ((AH) or any place in Haram. muqam-e-Ibraheam is justin front of kabbah .
         golden gate

10. Come to the well of Zam Zam. Zam Zam is available in the coolers throughout in the mosque. But pilgrims must   go under    under  ground  (basement) where the actual well of Zam Zam is situated. Here number of basins are installed for
            pilgrims to drink Zam  Zam as a part of Umra procedure.

11. After drinking water come out from Zam Zam basement and Beg Dua facing Kabba.

"O Allah give me Knowledge and Save me From All Diseases". Ameen.

12. Now come to Safa Mount for Saie.

13. Before Saie, man pilgrims are allowed to wear upper sheet of AHRAM as they wish. Keeping  right shoulder uncovered  is not necessary requirement for a male pilgrim as it was in tawaf. you may wrap upper clothing sheet as you want. no restriction here

14. Standing on the mount of Safa, facing towards Kabba, weave hands and say;

"Allah-Ho-Akbar La-E-AllahaIllallah Wala Ho Akbar - Allah Ho Akbar Wa-Lil-la hil-Hamd."

15. Now start walking towards MARWA Mount in the normal walking style. keep begging your own duas

16. In the middle pilgrim swill see green lights area on the roof. Here male pilgrims must  accelerate his normal speed of walking . In other words men must run here . A female must keep her pace normal even  in this area.

17. Stop running as soon as the green light are ends.

18. After reaching Marwa Mount, see towards Kabba and say  same  words what a pilgrims said in Safa Mount. (See step No.14).

19. From Safa to Marwa pilgrims complete their first round and from Marwa to Safa  they complete their second and like wise  the  seventh and the last round is completed at Marwa Mount.

20. After completion of 7th round at Marwa Mount. Male pilgrim must shave off his head or cut 3/4 hairs.

21. Women pilgrims must cut symbolically a little hair equal to 1/3 of a finger from tail of their hairs. Shaving head and cutting hairs like males is forbidden.

22. Now Umra is over. A man can put his AHRAM off and can wear normal dress.

23. All the restrictions of AHRAM now comes to an end.

Special Instruction for Women

1. Women must wear full normal dress. Head to Ankle. All the parts of the body must fully covered. (No Specific AHRAM).

2. Face may  be kept uncovered. If use HIJAB ,be careful .HIJAB must not touch face.Hands & feet maybe uncovered. Hairs of head strictly hidden under scarf. .

3. Women can not perform Umra lonely if she is coming beyond MEEQAT. A women can perform UMRA lonely if she is residing the territories of HARAM (i.e.. Makkah).
WHAT IS MEEQAT--------------------------->> MEEQAT: meeqat is border line of harm (makkah) territory.

4. A women is allowed to perform  umra and hajONLY WITH HER MEHRAM (MEHARM means Husband, Brother, Father, Grand Father, Maternal Real Uncle, Paternal Real Uncle, Real Nephew, Son in Law if daughter also her companion.)

5. During Saie, women is not allowed to run or walk faster on the green light area.

6. Women is not allowed to do her Tawaf (UMRA) during her monthly periods.(to know more click here)

7. At the end of Saie, woman is allowed to cut only a few bunch of her hair. It is just symbolic and only to fulfill the order of ALLAH.

 ******* Women see something more here   click******

Special Points and Notes

1. During Umra (Tawaf, Saie) pilgrims are allowed to talk with any other pilgrim at any point.

2. Pilgrim can drink water and can meal in between if he is not with fast.

3. Pilgrim is allowed to take break during his Tawaf or Saie, if he /she feels necessary to go to washroom for unavoidable circumstances.

4. After fresh Vazoo, pilgrims is allowed to start where from he had taken break.

5. Break may be taken if Salat time comes during Umra.

6. After wearing AHRAM, A pilgrim can not put off it until UMRA ends. But if he / she feels that the clothing of AHRAM are become dirty, he/she may replace it. AHRAM cannot put off means pilgrim cannot wear normal dress. However, changing of AHRAM clothings are allowed.

7. After performing UMRA pilgrim may use same cloths of AHRAM for another UMRA. New clothings of AHRAM for fresh UMRA is not necessary.

After completion your first umra if you  want to perform another  on the same day or on next day or any day before leaving makkah, you will have to go to masjid-e-aisha ,few kilometers from haram in makkah .it is also called umra masjid or masjid-e-taneem. it is meeqat for makkah residents and pilgrims who had performed their first umra and now are living or staying in makkah.