Voices of Islam  
Real player is required to listen following
                 islamic voices                      

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          REAL  PLAYER    

LISTEN  TAKBEER  (Before Eid Prayers)
This is recited slowly  going  towards
Eid praying ground on the eve of  eid
ul-fitar wheras  loudly on the  eve of

LISTEN TALBEEH  (Recited in Hajj and Umra)
 This recited just after wraping Ahram
 and neyah-e-umra (intention of umra)
 It is the most holy slogan of pilgrim of
 Umra and Haj.

LISTEN HOLY QURAN (contineous Recitation)
This is 24 hours recitation of last holy
book of Almighty Allah------ -QURAN
Whenever the  quran is  recited ,- it is
compulsory for you to hear it quietly.

LISTEN AZAN                 ( For Salat-ul-Fajir)
This is Azan -e-fajir which is called
daily before sun rise. First salah of
 the day

LISTEN SALAH (NAMAZ)   (   For  Fajir   )       
This is te method of offering two rakah
salah of fajir.