imortant questions & answers
(women must read these questios before performing haj or umra)

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* If the menses period of a woman starts just before departing to makkah for umra, now how would she cross meeqat ?

can she enter in makkah and haram mosque to perform umra and tawaf etc?

1- woman will take bath (gusal) despite  menses 
 and wear ahram clothings

2- she can cross meeqat and enter in holy makkah 

3- But can not enter in haram.no umra, no tawaf  no saie is allowed till she free from menses.

4-  she will have to wait staying in makkah to
become pure before performing umra rite

* use of medicines for a woman to stop menses during haj and umra are allowed or not. 1- if these medicines are not injurious to health they are allowed to use.It will povide maximum time to a woman to pray in harmain.

2- if woman does not use these medicines and menses restricts them to enjoy ibadat,it is hoped
Allah tallah will bless all benefits and sawab to them as it is natural phenomena.

*can a woman enter in masjid-ul-haram, masjid-nabvi or in any mosque  when she is passing her menses period. No. she can not enter in any mosque including harmain for any purpose.
* During haj if the menses of a woman starts, what will she do now. According to prophet muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalam ,the woman  having menses must continue all the rituals of haj except tawaf-zira.

she will stay in mina/arfat/muzdulfa as per haj rules but will wait to perform tawaf-e ziara till she becomes pure.

tawaf-e-zira is
compulsory pillar of haj and neither a woman nor a man cames completely  out from aharm restrictions untill the completion of tawaf-e-zira.

After tawaf-e-ziara another tawaf named tawaf-e-wida  is performed. if the menses of a woman starts after tawaf-e-ziara but before tawaf-e-wida she may leave it. this is actually a farewel tawaf  just before leaving makkah for homeland.

* if the husband or mahrum of a woman dies just 2 or 3 days before starting haj (8th zil-hajj), will she continue her haj or she would have to come back home for iddat ---------------------------
(widow has to pass 4 months 10 days in a house just after death of her husband is called iddat)
Staying in makkah with the intention to perform haj ,the husband or mahrum of a woman dies, she may continue her haj with a group of women.

no need to give up haj.

After completion of haj she will have to pass iddat period in her husbands' house. 

Iddat period will be counted from the date of death of her huasband , not from arrival to husbands' house in native town.

if a pilgrim commits  any mistake during haj or umra, is it compulsory for him to pay its' penelty (dam of a goat) in the territories of makkah haram?

if a man recall his mistakes after coming back to his homeland ,how will he /she pay penelty(dam) now?

yes dam (sacrify a goat) is paid in haram territories.

if any one recalls his mistake after coming back to homeland, he may make responsible to some one who is going to makkah to pay  penelty  on his behaf. amount to sacrify a goat must be given him.

after performing haj or umra if a man uses machine  over his head to shave his head off instead of  using razor or blade. in sharia shaving of head  is called  HALAQ  and use of machine  over  complete head  is called TAQSEER.   both are allowed  but  shaving of head with blade or razor  is  far better than TAQSEER.

( it means  razor and machine both are allowed  over complete head.)

iwhether a mother-in-law can go to perform haj or umra with  her  son-in-law in the absence of her daughter.complete head.) yes. according to sharia  a son-in-law is mahram for a  mother-in-law. hence she may travel  with him for haj or umra.

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