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This is mosque "JIND RAVI" in Makkah in front of
main gate of holy cemetry " janat-ul- moalla".It is
said that it was the place where prophet suleman
Allihi salam had captured many Jins.

It is well of Usman (radiAllah Ho talla Anhho)  in
madina.This is historic well which was purchased
by syeda Usman Raddi Allah ho talla Anho from a
cruel jew agaist huge money. He devoted it to
muslims of Madina free. Prophet Muhammad  sallal
ho allihi wasalam promised him for a golden house
in jannah. But Alas---The munafqeen forbidden
syedna usman to use this water he was in siege
during last days before his holy martyrdom (shahadat)

out side view of Masjid_e_aisha.It is also called
TANEEM and MASJID_E_UMRA. it is in Makkah
people resding in makkah o the outsider wish
to perform another umra, they have to come here
to refresh their AHRAM.

It is Muzdalfa near Makkah where hujjaj spend
whole night of 10th zilhijjah under open sky.
The sign boards indicate tene dead end area of

  It is Masjid-e-Kheef in munna ,near Makkah where
hujjaj spend 4 days of haj. It is main masjid of
munnna. It is said that 70 prophet of ALmighty
Allah are lying  to rest here. But no sign of their
graves is present.
These are the pigeons of Makkah Out side Haram
(Masjid_ul_Haram, Makkah). pilgrims feed them
seed with love and affection. It is said that  some
pigeons among them having the race of prophet
Muhammad Sallalla ho allihi wasalams' era.

Another view of pigeons. My wife and daughter
feeding grain.(May Al mighty Allah Accept their
efforts  )

it is jabal-e-Rahmat in Arafat where the sermon
of haj is delievered on 9th of zilhijjah on haj day.
On the top of mercy mount is the place where
prophet Adam ana Hawa had met after being
seperated from jannah.