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This is holy foot print of prophet Muhamad  sallal ho allihi wasalam, kept in museum
of istambol in


A miracle of prophet sal-lalla ho alli hiwasalam.This stopped in the air inmaraj night
by the order of our beloved prophet Muhammad sallal la ho allihi wasalam .It is still
present in juresalam -plastine.(This  pic is donated by some AHLAN lover. Pioneer
 waseem Ahmed s iddiqui did not see it physically. So your comments over it will
be appriciated.)


Flood water out side Haram in Makkah.


inner side of kabah Musharaffah steps lead to second level of kabbah

Dead bodies of 1994 mina fire accident during haj have been  lined up before funeral.  It was tragic


Main enterence to riaz-ul-jannah in Masjid-e-nabvi  from front side where is the fence of rodah-e-
rasool sallalla ho allihi wasalam.

A clear view of Hajr-e-Asvad (black stone). stone is in 8 small piecesnow  which are clearly visible
 It was  divided in pieces due to several  assualts over it by murdadeen in different times of history


Well of Ghars (bere-e-Ghars). it is in Madina and  its' water was used for bathe (gusal) when the
holy prophet syedna Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam left us physically. (passes away)
  (   In na li-l-lAh-e-  wa inna ellah-e   Rajaoon   )

In  madina Munawarrah it is the place where little girls played  DUFF and clapped with joy when prophet
Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalam
entered in Madina at the time of migration (hijrat)