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it is the picture of inner side of holy kabba. infact there are
roofs of kabba. Here you can see space between two
roofs.Space  is
horten and a man can not stand.He can only
 sit as you see in the pic.

2. This is another picture of inner side of holykabba.Two
roofs are


Beautiful inside modern look of masjid-e-nabvi sallallaho allihi

wasalam--madina al-munawarrah.


Beautiful look of roof of masjid-e-nabvi sallalla ho allihi wasalam
where faithful are offering prayer (salat). it is generally open in rush
season like Ramadan and haj.

it is back wall of rodha-e-rasool sallalla ho allihi wasalam.it is infact
 the wall of bibi Fatima-u-zuhras' room.Mehrab-e-tahajjud is inside
this wall where beloved prophet  Syedna Muhammad sallalla ho
allihi wasalam used to offer tahajjud prayer.This mehrab is not visible
now.Khudam sit here with the wall now a days. pilgrims shold try to
offer two rakat nafil here as it is near to mehrab-e-tahajjud.

Beautiful well lighted night view of plain of arafat where the main
haj khutba is delevered.
Todays' saudi arabia. vast and most modern network of highways
and roads connect all the cities with each others.
In holy city of  Makkah rain is rare. It is the picture of heavy rain
in makkah which made the atmosphere more pleasant.
It is the picture of Hudabiyya mosque near to holy Makkah where
the historic treaty of  Hudabbiya was signed  between prophet
syedna Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam and kuffar-e-Quresh.


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