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It is madinas' graveyard "JANAT-UL-BAQQI ".It is actually
back side (back wall)of the  holy cemetery. Masjid-e-Nabvi is


An old view of "MASSA" --The place where saie had been performed.
Now this place is inside masjid
-ul-Haram and very modernly constructed
and linked
with centrally air conditioning system.


It is cave of uhad mount where the holy prophet Muhammad
sallalla ho allihi wasalam took rest
after getting injury in uhad


An internal view of Masjid-ul-Haram...Makkah. holy
kabba is visible.


Mina of today. modernly and beautifully constructed
Mina roads, fly over ,camps and tunnel which leads
pilgrims straight to holy Makkah.


It is Musalla-e-Rasool sallalla ho allihi wasalam in riaz-ul-jannah
--Masjid-e-Nabvi-- Madina. (Right pillar of this Mehrab is the
exact Musala place, not the curved depth where the man sitting.)


A newly dug grave in jannat-ul- baqee madina waiting for a lucky
human being.


It is chabotra suffa (suffa plateform) in Masjid-e- Nabvi. It
was actually first islamic learning school
in Prophet sallalla
ho allihiwaslams' live hood.


It is battle field of BADAR. Graves of shudas are visible.

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