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pligrims are in queue to fill their jerikins and pots with zamzam
 from the taps fixed out side haram if you get exit through  bab-
e-fatha .

This is muqam-e-Ibraheem (Station of ibraheem) where
pilgrims offer two rakat nafil after completing their tawaf.
The looking golden crystal  case in front of holy kaba has the
foot prints of prophet syedna ibraheem allihi salam

General view of jannat-ul-moualla---Makkah holy cemetry---

The rock in the bottom of zam zam well where from the zam
zam water is coming out.  It is said that  the main  source of
zam zam is  in skies.

A pic of a pilgrim or a motammar who is shaving off his head
as the last rite before unwraping his Ahram.

It is complete look of  Masjid-e-zoohalifa or Bar-e-Ali, twelve
 kilo meters away from holy Madina towards Makkah where
the pilgrims and residents of Madina wear Ahram for umra or
 haj.    Here there was a well of  syedna Ali  R.A.   in  prophet
Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalams' time.    He sallalla ho
allihi wasalam had also worn ahram from this point.      It is in
 fact, meeqat for the pilgrims coming from Madina.

An imaginary view of miracle of spiliting moon by holy prophet
Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam.

A section of women pilgrims during haj having  ladies Ahram

Beautiful look of mercy mount  at Arfat Field where the main
rite of haj WAQOOF is taken place on 9th of  zil hijah  every
year.The white  pillar on  the top  of mount is the exact  place
where the  holy prophet  Adam allihi salam  and his  wife Bibi
Hawa(Eve) had met with each other after getting pardon from
 Al mighty Allah.