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arafat field in night
Arfat field where the seremon of haj is delievered  every  9th zilhaj
It is night view.

Masjid-e-Ghamama,where the clouds shaded over the head of holy
prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam in drought .Prophet
sallalla ho allihi wasalam beged  dua  for rain
and very shortly rain
started in Madina munawarrah. It was
one of the miracles of holy
prophet Muhammad sallalla ho alli hi wasalam

                  Picture of few hujaj in ahram

rain in makkah
View of heavy rain in holy Makkah out side Haram in between  safa
and Marawa mounts.

syedna hamza r.a. firstly burried here.
Red area of uhad mounts indicate that firstly the body of syedna
Hamza R.A was burried here and after few many years that was
removed from here due to sepage
of water in front of the mount.

house of syeda maryia kutbia

This the place in Madina Munawarrah where the house of um mul
momineen syeda Maria kutbia was situated.

grave of imam hasan R.A

Grave of syedna Imam Hasan R.A  and other  4 graves of  Prophet
Muhammad sallalla ho alli hi wasalam in Jannat-ul-baqi  cemetry  in
Madina Munawwarah

mrcy mount
Mercy mount in Araft . the pillar at the top of the  mount indicates
 the location where the sye
dna Adam and syeda Hawa  met after
being seperated from the heaven.
The poles on ground level showers
 water over pilgrims during sermon of haj as artificial rain
to make hot
weather pleasant. It is great effort of saudi government.

hmasjid-e-fatima R.A e
The masjid-e-Fatima in the battle field of  trench ,Madina. Presently
tis place is known as SABA MASAJID.Here 6 small masjids including
masjid-e-Fatima R.A  are situated. One big modern mosque is also
built here but that has no historical importance.

situated altogather with a little distance.