Here you can see 12 pic
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you are lucky to being with gallary no 14 as the pictures
in this gallary are latest  taken in june/july 2003.

inner view of masjid-e-Aisha. the place where syeda aisha
RadiAllah o talla anhoo put on ahram with the special
permission of prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam.
it is meeqat ffor macca residents.

pic of syedna usman well which was bought by him from a
cruel jew for muslimeen in madina when prophet sallallaho
allihiwasalam asked whoever will purchase this well, will
get palace in junna.  OH.... the water of this well
was forbidden for syedna usman  by munafeeqeen in last
days of of his life.

It is ber-e-ghars (ghars well).the water of this well in madina
was used for bathe (GHUSAL) of beloved prophet Muhammad
sallalla ho allihi wasalam when HE left us physically
(Passed away)

Mmmasji-e-jinn in Makkah Mukarrama where jinns
accepted islam on the hands of prophet Muhammad
sallalla ho allihiwasalam.

MMe and my daugter syeda Aqsa are standing among
pigeons of haram-e-makkah out side haram.

Masjid-e-jumma in Madina where first salat of jumma
offered by  holy prophet Muhammad sallallahoallihi

Latest pic of nimra masjid in Arafat where the sermon
of haj is delievered.It is partly in arafat area and partly
outside Arafat.

Latest pic of Masjid-e-Raya in Makkah.it is the place where
prophetallalla ho allihiwasalam pitched the flag when he
conquered Makkah. RAYA means flag.

These are the taps of zam zam water outside HARAM.
Here pilgrims fill their pots to bring zam zam to their
homelands. These taps are installed near bab-e-Fatha
(FATHA GATE-----one of 5 main gates) out side masjid-ul-
Haram. Filling water pots inside Masjid-ul-Haram not

View of graves in jannat-ul-malla...Makkas' holy cemetery
these are the graves of common muslimeens who got
honour today to be burried here.

House where the prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi
wasalam was born. it is latest pic taken on 30th june'03

Another beautiful and spritual look of jannat-ul-malla
(makkahs' holy cemetry)

it is the place called ___khak---e---shifa------.(Mud cures
all diseases).Here the holy blood and sweat of prophet
sallallaho allihiwasalam was dropped during battle.it is
in holy Madina munawwarah.

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