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pillar of sattin.....jumra where satin iblees tried to misguide
syedna Ibrahim allihisalam  to sacrify his son. pilgrims
throw 7 stone over it .

The exact place where syedna Ibrahim Allihisalam get
 his son  syedns ismail allihisalam laid down to sacrifice
his life in the way of Almighty Allah.

this is the holy grave of syeda khateeja raddi Allaho talla
anha in janat-ul-mualla --HOLY MAKKAH .She was not only
the first woman who embrassed  islam but also the first
wife of prophet  Muhammad sallalla ho allihiwasalam.

Inner view of masjid-ul-haram.holy and beloved kabba visible

cave of soar on the top of jabal-e-soar. people begging

close look of cave of hira on the top of jabal-e-noor.it is
exact place wehere first wahee (IQRA) was descended

a beautiful evening view of mutaf  around holy kabba

Little old but beautiful view of court-yard in masjid-e-nabvi
now 6 big umberellas have been installed  here.

It is the mainMosque Masher-ul-Haram in the field of Muzdalfa
where pilgrims of haj spent night of 10th zilhijah .

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