Orignal spot where syedna IBRAHEEM A.S laid down his son  syedna
ISMAEL  to sacrifice his life in the way of Almighty Allah.

The prophet Ibraheem A.S  saw in  a dream that Alimighty Allah  had asked him to sacrifice the life of his beloved  son syedna
Ismaeal in the way of Allah subhan-o-talla. Syedna Ismael A.S , the noble and great prophet of Allah knew that the dream of a prophet is always true and it is in fact  the commandment  of Almighty Allah.

When syedna Ibraheem A.S   put his dream in front of his son syedna Ismeal A.S who was also Allahs' messanger , he suggested his father to fulfill Allahs' commandment  at once and he further said that you would not find me hesitant in this trail.

When syedna
Ibraheem A.S and syedna Ismael A.S was passing through MINNA plain satin tried to 
deceive both of them but both the Allahs' prophets remained firm in their intention and satin bacame failed in his bad intention. Now a days three  walls [previously pillars] are  made in Minna exactly on those spots where satin tried to mislead the both the prophets and pilgrims throw pebbles over them on eve of Haj showing their hatred.

Syedna  Ibraheem A.S  and syedna Ismael A.S reached on a mount in MINNA and the father laid his son on the mount and closed his eyes before using knife on the throat of his beloved son. As soon as  syedna Ibraheem A.S
put sharp knife on the throat of his son , Almighty Allah removed syedna Ismeal A.S under the knife and replaced
a sheep .when Syedna Ibraheem A.S opened his eyes with the painful thinking that his beloved son had been sacrificed, he became joyful to see syeda Ismael A.S. safe and sound  , without any wound.

Red squre indicating the exact spot of sacrifice and tents of pilgroms in Minna
are clearly visible.

In fact the Almighty Allah  only wanted to judge the sincerity of their two prophets .Almighty Allah liked this action of syedna Ibraheam A.S  and syedna Ismael A.S very much and ordered to repeat contineously this historic spritual event every year on 10th of zilhijha to memories such a big spritual event of human history.

Due to this sacrifice syedna Ibraheen  A.S is called KHLEEL -ULLAH and syedna
Ismael ZABIH-ULLAH [ who was tried to sacrifice in the way of Allah]

The exact spot of sacrifice is still present on a mount in Minna and in old books it is written thay a small masjid named Masjid-e-Kabash was there. In arabic KABASH means SHEEP. But now only  a small  dome or monument is there as you see in the picture.

See tents in Mina plain and place of spritual sacrifice in  RED SQUARE on a
Mount in Mina.

It is really very pricious and rare to see such spot because  the saudi administration never guides pilgrims to reach such spot but it is near to PILGRIMS TENTS NEAR TO JUMRAT
[where sattin are stonned by pigrims]

See the spot on the top

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